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About Us

Hausa language academy provides an individualized technique to Hausa language instruction to effectively learn and communicate in Hausa language and learn the culture and tradition of the native speakers. We have qualified native instructors who take into cognizance our clients’ needs, aspirations, interests, concerns, convenience and timing for seamless transfer of knowledge.

Hausa learning academy was founded in 2019. It is a centre for learning Hausa language, tradition and culture. we are passionate about effective communication and preservation of African languages, art and culture. Not only do We teach it but also promote speaking of the language. We translate and transcribe drama, articles and journals from English to Hausa and vice versa. Our clients are Expatriates, Non-Governmental Organisations, both low and High Net Worth Individuals. We serve as interpreters for Expatriates, NGOs and other entities. We help NGOs and other corporate entities to penetrate a community through our specially designed “community entry program” especially in the Northern part of Nigeria.

Courses are offered virtually via Zoom, Microsoft teams and or skype at the convenience of our clients all over the world and We also have physical classes here in Nigeria either at our office or at the client’s preferred location. We have past and present clients in America, China, Europe and India. We are always opened to expanding our horizon and embracing new opportunities.

In addition to promoting the culture and tradition, we source for items such as artifact, textile materials and native clothing and more for our clients who intend to live the culture.

After signing up for our classes which can be a group or private classes depending on your interest, you’ll have full access to the tutor, whatsapp support group with your colleagues, ebooks, pre-recorded videos, audio conversations and zoom class session every week.

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